Lisa Llewellyn Murray

Lisa Llewellyn Murray, Owner and Operator

Hello, my name is Lisa and I am a Longwood College Alumni and known as the “Spikey Redhead,” because of my unique hairstyle. I care for and love the Historic Boxwood Inn because of its own brand of uniqueness. My husband JJ always dreamed of owning our very own event venue to compliment our other business, Hampton Roads Event Rentals, and when this beautiful place became available, we jumped at the chance to become the owners.

I have been told I light up with joy each time I tour a guest through this beautiful home. I love to see their wonder and astonishment as they earnestly take in the history, details, and charm of this residence. We encourage people to become a part of the story of the Historic Boxwood Inn. Each Wedding and Special Event we host adds a new chapter and life to this wonderful iconic home.

Susan Dugan

Susan Dugan, Sales Coordinator

Hello, my name is Susan Dugan. I am the sales coordinator at the Historic Boxwood Inn. Previous to when JJ and Lisa Murray came to view the Inn as a possible venue for there already thriving business, I had already been working at the Inn for several years. Upon my first exchange with Lisa, I asked, “would you like my resume,” knowing that I wanted to stay here working with this beautiful house. We laugh about it now, but I truly wanted to remain at the Inn. I could see its true potential and wanted to be a part of it. It is often said how much love I show for this house when giving a tour.

My career started with the government civil service in England, California, Germany and finally here in Virginia where I settled in Williamsburg. I raised two daughters in this very exciting land of history. After leaving the government, I worked for over twenty years with professional interior designers as an office manager.

As a military daughter and wife, I have traveled extensively and have stayed in inns all over the world. This inn has such history and character. It holds such a beautiful atmosphere for weddings, family reunions, parties, and corporate events. I am confident you will love it as much as I do.